Herbal Medicine For Fertility

What Is Herbal Medicine For Fertility? 

Herbal medicine is the practice of treating the body's ailments with plants. The practice is ancient and proven effective for many conditions. Many western forms of medications are sourced from knowledge gained from practicing herbal medicine. For example, aspirin and White Willow Tree bark are similar and where an herbalist will prescribe the bark and western doctor may prescribe aspirin in the pill form for similar results. A perk of herbals is that the side effects are typically less or negated.

Herbal medicine for fertility is the practice of balancing a woman's body and addressing certain issues by prescribing the correct herbal medications to fix or re-balance the body. The art of practicing herbal medicine takes education, experience, and mindfulness. Herbal medicine is an effective way to improve fertility and to support western fertility treatments. Schedule an appointment today to find out how herbal medicine and nutrition for fertility can help you have a healthy pregnancy.